Shizuka Kakimoto


Software Engineer / System Consultant
Enthusiastic to design, create and release problem-solving systems.

About Me

A software engineer who loves to solve social problems with tech. I have launched some of the crowdfunding, QR payment and SNS-style matching services.




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2021 - Current
/janken - Janken app for Slack

Founder / Full-stack engineer; from concept making to operation.

Do you have a hard decision making at your work place?
Don't worry, just install this. Let's play Janken (Rock paper scissors) with your teammates.

Node.jsExpressSlack bolt-jsGCPGAEFirestore
2019 - Current
Ton Bébé - Sperm Donation Platform

Founder / Full-stack engineer; from concept making to operation.

Matching plarform for sperm donors/donees.
Media coverage:

2017 - 2020
Crowdfunding System OEM

Full-stack engineer; from design to operation.

Reliable crowdfunding system which is built from scatch and released as "Vin-Vin Funding" for the south-east asia market. Later provided to Japan Digital Serve Corp "ケーブルCF" as OEM.
Supported ¥5.7M fundraising which was a record breaking in the regional-revitalization category at that time.

RubyRailsPostgreSQLHerokuAWSjQueryBootstrapGMO PG
FesPay - QR x FR Payment

Founder / Full-stack engineer; from concept making to operation.

Quick, easy and secure payment service for festival events which uses the combination of QR code and payer's face to authorize.



If you are interested in me or my projects, please visit my GitHub or SNS profiles.

Shizuka Kakimoto